Oct 17, 2018

Monogram STAT

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All Images Courtesy of Mark and Graham

A quick disclaimer…I am NOT  (I repeat not) trying to rush you into the holiday season aka Christmas, BUT time is of the essence when it comes to personalizing and I just came across a steal of a deal that I think you are going to L.O.V.E.

Everyone loves a monogram. It’s chic and elegant and really adds a little special something to an item. Don’t you agree?! That’s the good news about monogramming-the not so good news…making something extra special takes time and we all know that once Halloween hits we blink and it’s Christmas. Sooo, to avoid that holiday rush and get in on some seriously beautiful items that come with free monogramming (for a limited time) I want to tell you about a lovely site that I highly recommend-Mark and Graham.

I’ve been an avid fan of  Mark & Graham from the moment their first email landed in my Inbox a few years ago. Mark & Graham offer a wide selection of some pretty chic and stylish gifts that anyone would love to give and receive. Pricing is very affordable and their quality is perfection. Now here’s the good news: Monogramming on Mark & Graham is offered for FREE  but only  for a limited time-use code MAKEAMARK.

I think you will love this site and urge you to get you clicking away and into the gift giving mode without delay. Enjoy!

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Nov 15, 2009

Fashionable Reads!

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With the holidays fast approaching and your gift list extending way beyond the length of your new thigh high boots I thought…. Why not take a moment and recommend some good gift giving fashion reads. Let’s face it a fashion read is a great gift. For starters fashion moves at  a break neck speed-(most of the time its picture after fabulous fashion picture to look at so there is no chance of boredom setting in). Number two- you will most likely be inspired by the beautiful pictures or at the very least burn a few calories salivating over the fashion shown on the glossy pages and finally, it’s fashion so it HAS to have a happy ending… Who could ask for anything more except maybe free shipping! So here my dear glamour girls are a few suggestions for the upcoming Holiday season.  

P.S. I do not have stock in Amazon.com I just use their site as a jumping off point for a price reference. We are in a recession and I am always thinking of Glamour girl’s budget… You can thank me when you get a lower Visa/Master Card or American Express bill. Happy Shopping!

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman (Amazon $16.50)
Valentino-Themes and Variations (Amazon $47.25)
Chanel Collections and Creations by Pamela Gobin (Amazon.com Hardcover $26.40)
Chanel Collections and Creations (Amazon.com Hardcover $26.40)
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