Oct 10, 2019

Light UP your Life!

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There is nothing like hanging a beautiful Chandelier to really LIGHT UP your decor and make it look like so much more. Instant “Glamour”  can be added to any room in your home by simply hanging a “simple” chandelier that makes a statement. Lighting is like jewelry..the perfect piece adds style to any room and gives it some POP! Chandeliers are the statement piece in any room!

Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired.

Image Courtesy of Restoration Hardware.com

Image Courtesy of Private Label.com

Image Courtesy of listernvisiongallery.com

Image Courtesy of Anthropologie.com

Image Courtesy of Interiors and all things pretty.com


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Feb 21, 2018

Let there be LIGHT

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Category: Glamorous Decor

Image courtesy of Mod Vintage Life

I’m not going to lie,I LOVE chandeliers-and yes that is plural. If it was up to me, I would have one  hanging in every room in the house. There’s something so lovely about the lighting that bounces of the crystals of a chandelier.

If  you happen to be feeling a bit of the Winter blues setting in(that is known to happen mid-February) and looking for a “project” might I suggest installing a chandelier in your kitchen. Now, don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end with this decorating tip. When you consider that the kitchen is the HUB of the home-you prep,cook,bake and socialize in this room more than any other in the house.  Think about the last time you had a party, din’t everyone seem to huddle in the kitchen before,during and after,….Soooo why not  dress the place up a bit?!  Chandeliers are available in all shapes,sizes and price points.  Just to get you inspired see the images below and I hope they help in shedding a little or big light on the subject. Enjoy!

Image Courtesy of My Domaine.com

Lechtford Chandelier from Tonic Home

Image Source Pinterest/Louise


Image courtesy of Kitchen Images.net

Image Source Unknown

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May 26, 2017

Dreamy Daybeds

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Daybeds. The perfect solution when you need a room to do “duel duty.” They’re a space saver providing a place  for  guests to slumber and also great seating when not set for a sleep over. Here are a few sweet daybeds to inspire.

daybed 2

Image Source Unknown/Pinterest

daybed 4

Image courtesy of CRLaine Instagram

daybed 1

Image Source Unknown


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May 28, 2014


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Category: Glamorous Decor

Image courtesy of derrington hall

It never ceases to amaze me how mirrors can transform a room….

Let’s “reflect” on all the ways you can utilize mirrors in the Master Bath….

Image courtesy of room porn.com

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