Mar 26, 2020

Throwback Thursday…Glove Style

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Christian Dior Ad 1957


It’s time to…. Go Back to Gloves!  Gloves  are one of the best ways NOT  to spread germs. (and let’s just be frank -that fun fact is a MAJOR priority right now.

I often wonder…Why did we ever stop wearing these stylish hand covers in the first place?

Gloves protect one  from spreading germs  not to mention that they’re uber stylish and absolutely compliment a look. It’s the perfect accessory because it fashionable and functional!

For your enjoyment and inspiration I’ve offered a bit of a throwback to gloves today in addition to providing you with some updated selections for the season.

Have a glove-ly day. Stay safe and be well. xoxoT


Image source Unknown Circa 1950

Circa 1951 Christian Dior Ad

Gracie Lace Gloves Etsy Shop Pippa & Pearl $18.23

Sienna-C’est Jeanne Gloves *Click on image to go directly to shopping info

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Mar 9, 2020

Going Glove-ly…..

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Marsala Women’s Glove @ Gloves 1861 on Etsy

The Coronavirus, has  made living life a bit Topsy- turvy . (Topsy-turvy meaning- utter confusion & disorder). People are staying in-(I think the news calls it self quarantine), they’re also stockpiling  food and household supplies and  many have retreated from any social engagement whatsoever.

I personally don’t know what to think of it all except  that we  must be more mindful in how we are living our lives.  Don’t touch your face, eat healthy, exercise and  most of all-WIPE DOWN AND DISINFECT EVERYTHING would be the short list of things to embrace immediately!

Tomorrow I must travel via airplane and I’m prepared with enough disinfectant wipes to clean my entire house. That being said, I  am adding a stylish addition to my arsenal of germ fighting -I’m going glove-ly.  Not surgical gloves BUT stylish animal print velvet gloves. Yep-I’m wearing them 24/7 and will only take them off if I am washing my hands.

I have always been a fan of the glove and looking on the bright side -there’s no better time to get gloves back into  your style rotation.(I have often wondered why gloves ever went out of style in the first place)? Gloves  keep your hands germ free  and they’re also a perfect sunscreen not to mention a stylish addition to any outfit.

I hope that today and everyday you enjoy nothing less than perfect health. If you need to amp up your routine when it comes to warding off the flu or circulating virus..consider going Glove-ly!Be well . xoT

Mark & Graham Gloves Orig: $(120.00 ) SALE ($59.99-$89.99)



Image Courtesy of Sierra Chantal Blogspot



Merino Wool Gloves by Cornellia James




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Nov 8, 2019

Longggging for Leather Gloves

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Category: Fashion

Today’s blog is all about a readers request to peruse and find the perfect pair of affordable and high quality long leather gloves. Not one to shirk my style responsibilities, I wanted to oblige and post not one but two pairs priced UNDER $100.00.

If  you so happen to be in the market for a beautiful pair of long leather gloves, take a moment  and consider  my selections  below. Each come with the highest customer reviews, are soft /supple and under $100.00!

I think you’ll find either pair to be Glovely!

Etsy Shop (Strix Art Accessories $97.96) Additional colors available

Vocono Lambskin Leather Opera Gloves $35.99 (

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Sep 29, 2014

Soooo Glovely

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 There’s just something about gloves that is so…Glovely!

Gloves Kate Spade   

Gloves by Burberry

Top photo courtesy of Vanessa Mitchell


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Aug 6, 2014

Fall Trend 2014 #2-Daytime Gloves

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Category: Fashion tips

They say that  “Good taste never good out of style” They also say  that there  is never really anything  NEW in fashion it’s just recycled, renewed or slightly reinvented. When I spotted numerous designers showing gloves to match their daytime outfits  on the  Fall  2014 runways – I knew it was only a matter of time that  we would be seeing this trend go mainstream.

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Jun 8, 2014


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Category: Fashion

There’s just something about a woman wearing a pair of beautiful gloves that is soooo lovely!

I guess you could say it Glove-ly.


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Sep 20, 2010

Glamour Gloves…

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Category: Fashion

I L.O.V.E. the look of long gloves for day and evening.  There is nothing like an arms length of luxe leather or satin or suede to dress up a look. Think about it, if you will dear Glamour Girl how wearing a pair of gloves keeps your hands warm, protects a manicure, hides a chipped nail and works as a type of hand sanitizer without schlepping buckets of Purel around. So many benefits from one fabulous fashion accessory…A Glamour Girl really couldn’t ask for anything more… (Unless of course she could purchase said pair of Lanvin gloves (pictured below) at 75% off).

Leather Gloves from Talbot’s $78.00

Michael Kors Convertible Gloves @ Nordstrom $150.00

Lanvin Leather Gloves @ Net-a-porter $1,075.00
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