Feb 1, 2010

All a GAGA!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Dream Sequence: 

There you are walking down the Grammy Red Carpet. This is  THE Night of Nights, to celebrate music industries best selling, most loved, most listened too songs of the year. Lights are flashing, people are clapping and crowds stand up cheering….. All await with baited breath to see that you are wearing……

End of dream sequence… 

In YOUR wildest dreams could you ever imagine wearing half of the outfits that Lady Gaga does? Put another way-could you envision  such an ensemble- that would not only need careful examination but perhaps an explanation of exactly what you are wearing.  I applaud Lady Gaga for her creativity and sheer spunk. Her outfits are “Works of Art” worthy of their own exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum . My only question when that exhibit opens is: What would you name such a collection?

  • A.   Attainable Attire that is Unexplainable.
  • B.   Fabric Fantasy and Bedazzler  Bedlam          
  • C.   How I Out Dressed Elton John’s 80’s Attire. 
Lady Gaga arriving at the Grammys-Do you think anyone noticed?


Lady Gaga’s Shoes. (Somehow I don’t think you’ll end up anywhere near Kansas i f you click these heels three times. Right Dorothy?)
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