Apr 25, 2010

SATC-Material Cravings

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion
The much anticipated movie extravaganza of the summer-SATC 2, opens in exactly one month (May 27). In honor of this auspicious occasion and to curb any material craving that an avid SATC fan may be experiencing-HBO, has available a bevy of SATC inspired items to keep your SATC withdrawal in check…Below are just a few of the offering available for purchase and many more if you just go to hbo.com and put in SATC under search. Enjoy and feel free to get “carried” away… 
SATC Tote $19.99


SATC T-SHirt inscribed with Big's answer to Carrie when she asked the question -"Have you ever been in Love" $24.99

"Love" key chain-$69.00

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