Jan 6, 2010

A Fashion Premonition!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Roses are red.     Violets are blue.

H & M has a “garden collection” priced under $60 for you!

 A Fashion Premonition

 Even if you don’t know the difference between an annual and a perennial you are going to have an overwhelming urge to partake in a floral gardening extravaganza sometime around March. And how do I know this you might ask? Well… word on the street is that H & M has the most beautiful floral  looks for spring inspired by chlorophyll-green gardens, sun drenched landscapes and even 70s hippie chic flower-power. The romantic garden collection is made using organic and recycled materials. All the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. Who knew?! Well I did and I am telling you so that in these dreary, snowy, cold days of winter you can anticipate what garden looks you want  to plant in your closet come March.


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