Jan 27, 2011

The H&M’s Plus-Size Glitch!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Well…well…well….just when my excitement level had reached a fever pitch with the news that H & M would be bringing out a new line called “Inclusive” for beautiful Plus Size Glamour Girls, I find that there is a little glitch in the plan…a loophole if you will…Here is the dish. 

H & M is rolling out a one-off collection (that is fashion speak for one time only, when supplies are gone that is THE END) in early March 2011. The Inclusive line is a gorgeous “50’s inspired” collection that will be available in sizes 32-54-(that’s European size ranges that translate  to US sizes 0-20). Now…for the glitch: Seems that H & M (a European based retailer) is only offering this collection online and only in Europe. Whah.h.h.h.t? No availability in-store? Nothing to be sent to the U.S.A. That’s right. Only available for delivery in Europe.  Nadda..Zero…zip for the U.S. of A. So.o.o. unless you are planning to travel to the U.K. sometime in early March, we will just have to appreciate these beautiful images and keep our fingers crossed that the line is a smashing success and H & M will expand there thinking and availability for future Plus size offerings.   

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