Oct 18, 2019

Friday Moment….

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Friday … (and a brief note about handbags…)

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Jun 26, 2019

Summer Straws under $50.00

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Summer Beach Bag $18.04 JavaSpirit on Etsy

I love a straw handbag for Summer. They tend to be so lightweight and breezy and perfect for the warmer days ahead.

While I ‘m usually a major proponent of investing in a high quality handbag for your daily wardrobe, I think that we can loosen our standards when it comes to anything made of straw -especially if the straw handbag in consideration is really more for decoration and completing that Summer outfit.

Here are 4… fun, breezy and oh-so -affordable options to consider all under $50.00. Enjoy!

*Click on image to go directly to site

Beige Bucket Handbag $49.99 at baginning.com
Straw Envelope Clutch $25.00 ksoriginal Etsy Shop
Blue Straw Beach Tote by Baginning.com $41.99
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Oct 10, 2018

National Handbag Day-Yeh!

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I had no idea this was a thing- but today is National Handbag Day! Who Knew?! Now you and I both do.

There’s something about the perfect handbag that can really make an outfit and lift your mood. Handbags come in a bevy of beautiful colors, styles and shapes and if you’re anything like me you have more than a few selections in your closet.

As an added bonus, I’ve attached a handbag “glossary” aka fashion vocabulary (courtesy of enerie.com) should you desire a refresher on handbag styles by name.

Handbags are a  closet staple and one that will last for years given the proper care,upkeep and most of all “handling.” Here are a few handbag images to keep you inspired….

The Bucket Bag

Image courtesy of Gucci.com

Happy National Handbag day.

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

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Nov 15, 2017

Wednesday Moment of Happy

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Sep 22, 2017

Fall Trend 2017-Beautiful Bags

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My final installment of Fall fashion trends for 2017 features handbags for the season at hand. Beautiful bags are available in every shape and size and the options are endless. Here’s just a sample of the offerings and if your budget won’t allow for these luxe options never frett because similar styles are available at much lower price points.  Fall is in the BAG!





Nina Ricci

Above images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.com

Super affordable options:

Telawen Handbag from Aldo $75.00 Sale: $36.39
Pic doesn’t do it justice-so pretty in person.

Moraine Light Pink Handbag/Aldo $50.00

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May 29, 2017

You’re going to need a Bigger Bag…..

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Havana Geo Rvrsble Essex Tote  $99.00

Havana Geo Rvrsble Essex Tote

Summer is here and with the warmer days ahead you may find yourself longing to throw some items in a bag and head for the beach. That being said you’re going to need a bigger bag to carry all those items.

Enter… these lovely totes from Echo. I visited the ECHO site  a few weeks ago and remember how back in the day I once collected Echo scarves. The brand has branched out into all sorts of beautiful and affordable buys and they have a bevy of uber chic totes that will absolutely fit your needs to sport a bigger bag this Summer.

Ikat Essex Reversible Tote $118.00

Ikat Essex Reversible Tote

Metallic Stripe Hamptons Tote $79.00

Metallic Stripe Hamptons Tote

….and one little extra..because it’s just so darn cute. All items available at Echo  Design.com

Striped Terry Bali Bikini Bag  $29.00

Striped Terry Bali Bikini Bag

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Jan 24, 2017

I “Heart” Kate Spade

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Kate Spade has a way of making the cutest bags and accessories. Case in point are these adorable wallets and coin purses- on the site at this very minute and  just in time for Valentine’s Day. Can we just say it…..L.O.V.I.N.G!!!!

Be Mine Coin Purse $88.00

Be Mine Coin Purse $88.00

be mine lacey wallet $178

be mine lacey wallet $178

Be mine Rose Market Hallie  $198.00

Be mine Rose Market Hallie

All images courtesy of Kate Spade.com

* (click on image to be directed to item)


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Oct 25, 2016

One Beautiful Bag

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Category: Designer Spotlight

Rodger Vivier Handbag Image courtesy of luvrumcake.tumblr.com

Rodger Vivier Handbag
Image courtesy of luvrumcake.tumblr.com

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Jul 21, 2016

Clutch Much…

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clutch 2

Image Courtesy of Pursuit of Shoes.com


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May 14, 2016

One Colorful Collection…Courtesy of Blogger Jen Ramos

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Image courtesy of Dagnedover.com/collections/jen-ramos

I’ve been following blogger Jen Ramos and her Made by Girl blog for years. Jen is a gifted artist and style maven who applies paint in the most colorful and stylish ways. Her latest venture finds Jen  putting her paintbrush skills on some pretty fabulous card cases and handbags in a collection for Dagnedover.com. Ceck out her colorful collection-and fingers crossed their not entirely sold out! Also check out Jen’s Blog at https://www.madebygirl.com/



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