Feb 7, 2018

Love @Kate Spade

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Olidah heels $228.00 Click on pic to go directly to item

Kate Spade has always designed with a touch of whimsy and her latest offerings (just in time for Valentine’s Day) are no exception. Kate’s heart inspired items are offered at a bevy of price points and areĀ  sooo darn cute. Enjoy.


Yours Truly Adalyn $88.00

iphone X Case $45.00

Yours Truly Pave Heart Linear Earrings$68.00

Yours Truly Pave Heart Ring $68.00

Yours Truly Mailbox Bag $378.00

All images courtesy of Kate Spade.com



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Feb 14, 2013

Gift’s with Heart….

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Beautiful Antique Heatr Keys (Photo courtesy of Country Living)

Heart Boxes (Photo courtesy of Country Living)

Vintage Ring 19th Century by C.S.

Valentine Day Balloons

Swarovski Heart Computer Mouse

Heart Shaped Clutch…

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