Jun 10, 2009

The Summer Slide!!!!

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Heel Straps.com
Heel Straps.com

Ahhhhh Summer. The time of year when we can slip on a pair of high heeled slides/mules and run. Well not exactly. You know how it is when you are wearing a backless shoe with any bit of a heel. Your walk sounds like you just entered the Kentucky Derby-clipity clop… Not only are you making quite a bit of racket as you enter or exit a room but your pace is slower than a shoe salesman without a commission.

Well, look no further: we are putting a unified stop to the slide from coming off or slowing your pace. Enter a great little footwear accessory called Heel Straps. I am here to tell you that not only do these straps attach easily and can be purchased in colors to match your shoe (or in a transparent tone-see above) but they keep the shoe securely on your feet. God forbid if you have to pick up the pace to catch that shoe sale 3 blocks away, or walk down some pretty steep steps or you just have to keep the darn shoe on your foot. Help has arrived in heel straps.

 Check out heel-straps.com.

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