Dec 13, 2017

Holiday Healing!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Stop looking. No really, stop and take a peak at these beautiful party pumps courtesy of Sam Edelman/available at Nordstrom. Priced at a very affordable $129.95 you almost have to pinch yourself. It’s almost to good to be true. They are the perfect pump for Xmas and New Years and come in black,red and purple. I just had to share in  case you NEED another pair of holiday pumps. I know as I write this we never really NEED another pair of pumps but when we find something that is soooo pretty, affordable and festive HOW (I ask you) could we possibly say NO. There is always room for one more pair of pretty heels.

Side Note: I think their called” heels”for a reason..pretty .shoes  have a way of lifting our spirits and could almost be considered  another source of alternative healing! Just say’n! Go forth and be heeled!

Sam Edelman Haide Feather Pumps Available at Nordstrom $129.95

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