Mar 28, 2011

Show Me the Money!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

My April Harper’s Bazaar arrived today and it’s filled with page after page of the latest spring fashion finds. Low and behold, I stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon a bevy of colorful clutches from Hermes. There they were…Featured on page 128 in the upper left hand corner with the caption reading “Chic Clutches” by Hermes price….. $4,250.00. Am I reading this right??? Is that four thousand two hundred and twenty five dollars for a wallet that lacks any sign of bling, amazing hardware or opulent detailing???. I know it’s an Hermes wallet and it’s colorful and probably made pretty well BUT plopping down $4,250.00 for a wallet/clutch to carry my money in??? Honey all I can say is you better… SHOW ME THE MONEY (That is…if you have any left if you decide to purchase this colorful clutch).

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