Feb 16, 2012

Barbie gets all dolled Up!!!!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

I ask you…Who doesn’t LOVE Barbie? Exactly… Everyone!  Well, imagine my surprise as I was surfing the web when BHAM…I came across a new line of Barbie dolls designed for Adult Barbie Collectors. Who Knew???  This SPECIAL EDITION aptly named: The Barbie Fashion Model Collection, has been around since the year 2000. (Where have I been???) Since it’s inception in 2000, there have been 12 different themed collections. (One for each year. great MATH skills? yes…) The “theme” for 2012 is “Atelier” and is designed by  Robert Best. Mr. Best took inspiration from Europe’s couture workshops and fashion houses to create a lineup of beautiful and intricately detailed high-fashion pieces. The 2012 Barbie Fashion Model Collection celebrates “Barbie’s glamorous heritage and style from the golden era of Hollywood to modern-day Paris.”

Each and every sketch is “beyond beautiful” and can only make a Glamour Girl hope for a”Capsule Collection” coming to Target in the not to distant future. Hey….a girl can dream can’t she?!


All Images Coutesy of Mattel

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