Dec 10, 2017

Xmas Countdown

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It’s official. There’s a mere 15 shopping days left till XMAS. Whatttt?! How did this happen? If you’re anything like me you were adamant about making a list and checking it twice somewhere around Cyber Monday.But as the holidays go…you blink and it’s Christmas.

Bearing in mind that time is ticking away, I woke early this morning and hit the malls.  Now I know you’re probably thinking, sit right back down and hit the web, cruise Amazon at warp speed or check out the 250 retail emails littering my Inbox. You’re probably screaming at me or at least saying in your mind: “You don’t have to leave home to shop these days.” I KNOW THAT… but I like to go “old school” and actually see,feel and inspect an item that I”m going to be gifting. Well, there’s  THAT and  truth be told, I like to add oodles of personal touches to my gift giving boxes because most of them will be mailed out of state to friends and family.   For the past several years I’ve always included some sort of homemade item baked fresh in my kitchen. If you’re looking for some easy breezy recipes and some holiday inspo to wrap them before hitting the SEND  button on your postage purchase stay tuned this week.

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