Nov 19, 2011

A Holiday Proposal….

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Photo Courtesy of Dior

The offical  start of the holiday season is literally “around the corner.” Every year I  promise myself  that: “This year I will enjoy the holidays to their utmost.  I will have my holiday cards in the mail and all the gifts selected by December 1, and I will take time to enjoy the true  meaning of the season at hand…. “In theory it sounds so do-able…in reality I am running until the stoke of STROKE OF STORE CLOSURE on Christmas Eve. Am I an over achiever when it comes to the holidays??? Guilty as charged. I am “one of those” that bakes special holiday treats, decorates to the nines, decides to do that extra somethin somethin and still get on a plane and travel to see my wonderful family in the Midwest. It’s no wonder that by the time New Years Eve rolls around I am totally exhausted. So… in the spirit of cutitng back, doing less and enjoying the season more… I propose that all us Holiday Over-Achievers…get a little R & R,  on this last weekend before  the start of the holiday season and re-access what we  want our holidays to mean this year. I’ll try if you do!


Your GTGG!

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