Dec 4, 2019

12 Days of Holiday Style-The Quick List

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion


The holidays are a busy and often stressful time because let’s face it…there’s just so much to get done. Most of us can multi-task like the best of them but oftentimes we put ourselves last and when that magic hour arrives and we need to get dressed for a holiday party the expression “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” is often verbalized in a panic as we shift through out jam packed closet. Does any of this sound familiar?

As a Style Service Announcement, I thought it might be helpful to provide a QUICK LIST of Holiday Style. These wardrobe basics will  help you pull together  a holiday look in a matter of minutes and ensure that you  look fabulous for whatever holiday soiree you’re attending.

As an extra bonus, I’ll be featuring one item from the LIST per day with resources and examples to inspire you.

Welcome to the Quick List and 12 days of Holiday Style.



12 Days of Style-Your Holiday Quick List

  1. Tuxedo Jacket
  2. Black Pant  -Preferably slim fitting pant with a tapered hem.
  3. Festive holiday skirt
  4. Black Dress or  as it’s called LBD
  5. Holiday Dress or Jumpsuit
  6. Dressed UP Denim
  7. Sweater  (Solid color in beautiful Cashmere)
  8. Blouse  in a luxurious fabrication
  9.  Shoes with some sparkle Preferably with a heel.
  10. Small handbag  (SMALL not your everyday bag with a bit of bling or in a pretty fabrication)
  11. Faux Fur wrap/Shawl/Pashmina and/ or Holiday Outwear
  12. Jewelry..think BLING!..necklaces, earrings, bracelets but not all worn at once. stay tuned….


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Dec 26, 2018

Classy Comfort Dressing

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Looking for a little comfort dressing on the day AFTER Christmas? If you’re like any other mortal you may have eaten just a little too much on Christmas day and you’re not exactly at your goal weight the morning after. No Glamour Girl wants anyone to know that perhaps you dipped into the dessert platter just a few times too many-so here are a few stylish solutions found in one wonderful wardrobe items to get you through the day in comfort and style. Enter..tah dah dah dah…the DUSTER. It is the number one wardrobe staple that you can wear over anything. Yep, we’re talking pants, jeans, skirts, dresses-I think you get the picture -a high fashion camouflage that allows you to hide a few unwanted bumps but still look sleek.

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