Jul 15, 2018

National Ice Cream Day

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It’s Sunday, my absolute favorite day of the week. Sunday seems like a fresh start filled with hope for the week ahead. Deemed as a “day of rest”  you don’t have to feel guilty for taking eeeeasy before you rev up and venture into Monday. That being said, it seems that Sunday’s just couldn’t get any better. Right? But wait, (as they say on those cheesy infomercials) THIS Sunday does bring with it an extra bonus -it’s officially…. National Ice Cream Day. How perfect is that! Smack dab in the middle of July-when temperatures are hoovering around 100 degrees today in LA and most of the country is not only hot but humid, doesn’t a dip into an ice cream shop to enjoy a cone in your favorite flavor just put you over the top on the delight meter! If per chance you are looking for a deal on your favorite dip check out the list courtesy of Thrillist.com



Enjoy and Happy National Ice Cream Day!


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Jun 30, 2015

Double Dip’n

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conesPerfect for the 4th these perfectly dipped ice cream cones.

Dip once in melted white chocolate and then again in your choice of sprinkles!

Turn upside down on wax paper and let harden. Store in fridge until serving.



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