Jul 17, 2009

Be Healed!

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A  Heel Horror Story….

There you are walking down the street in your brand new  pair of high heeled pumps. You know “the pair” that you justified in your head for about 40 minutes in the store before you decided to “go for it.” Convincing yourself that you just had to have them because: “They would go with EVERYTHING in your closet, and they made your legs look 5 inches longer and they were like 2 months salary (but hey-you wanted to cut your food budget anyway and YES!!! you could  LIVE on $5.00 a week  for the next 3 months). You would wear them forever and they were so beautiful they would probably be worth double in 10 years…” (Does any of this sound vaguely familiar in justifying a shoe splurge???)

 So here you are- day one -of your “new shoe preview” to the adoring public. You are strolling down the street in your pretty new pumps and BAMB …..all of a sudden your beautiful high heel goes for a dip…and by dip, I don’t mean in a pool- but in a crease/crevice left from some sidewalk earthquake or relative facsimile. Suddenly your brand new pair of heels have been hit…slammed… nicked…scratched……in a word…Ruined! What??? Please tell me it isn’t happening……

This scenario need not happen again because help with a capital H for Heels has arrived. The “ideal heel” is this ingenious plastic cover for your heel(s). No one will be the wiser when you are wearing the ideal heel becasue they come in a range of colors and slip on easily over your shoe heel to protect them from the “elements.”Upon reaching a smooth surfaced destination you can just remove the ideal heel and store them in your purse or pocket until your next jaunt out into the crevice filled unknown.  Log onto the website and be heeled!!!


ideal heel-comes in many colors

ideal heel-comes in a variety of colors. Keep your heels in tact with ideal heel!

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