Nov 8, 2010

A Sweater Story!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

There once was a Glamour Girl who really liked to have options…and by options I mean: multiple ways to wear an item of clothing. Every GG (Glamour Girl) worth her Louboutins will tell you that options are limitless with a simple change of one’s accessories. But alas-this GG wanted Sweater Options. Not so easy you say. .I mean a cardigan is a cardigan- you can button it up or down, change it up with what you wear underneath- be it camisole, t-shirt, cotton shirt or even a dress  BUT REALLY- it’s always going to look like a cardigan ..Right! WRONG! Behold a beautiful Chunky Convertible  Cardigan Sweater by Improvd available at Nordstrom for $313.00.  So cute, so warm, so fashionable and so versatile.  Two looks for the price of one.

 And that my dear GG is the long and short of our Sweater Story….

The Shorter Version

The Long Version
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