Sep 27, 2019

The Paperbag Pant..DISCUSS

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Leather Cropped Pant by Marissa Webb $795.00

Are you familiar with the  new Paper bag pant for Fall 2019?

It’s a new pant trend with a silhouette that cinches at the waist and is often combined with pleating and or gathers below the belt.  The belt can vary in  terms of width, length and of course buckle treatment.The construction of this pant allows for comfort  while at the same time makes your waist appear SMALLER!  Your basic win-win.

As with all things in fashion there should be a few rules to be mindful of when one decides to give this pant a spin:

  1. When opting for pleats or gathers on any pant, choose one where the pant still looks sleek and tailored. You don’t want too many gathers or pleats – which tend to give the appearance of having a  belly pooch.
  2. Paper bag pants come in any number of fabrications and lengths. Choose one that is right for you.  For example:  If you’re petite -opt for a more slimming style that hugs your frame.
  3. 7 for all Mankind Paper bag Pant @ Saks Fifth Avenue On sale $119.40 (Originally: $199.00)

3.If you’re tall and thin -feel free to opt for a baggy paper bag pant however, always and I do mean ALWAYS keep your outfit proportional. If what your wearing on the bottom is baggy keep your top detail close to the body to achieve a silhouette that looks pulled together.

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Mar 23, 2012

Intermix opens in Brentwood (CA.)…

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Intermix-the trendy designer boutique has opened in the Brentwood County Mart. Currently,Intermix has stores on Robertson,at the Lumber Yard in Malibu and now the Brentwood County Mart. A fourth Intermix store is set to open on Beverly Drive in April, making a total of 4 Intermix stores in the Los Angeles area alone.

While other retailers are sputtering during the current economic downturn, Intermix continues to grow! So.o.o what’s their secret? According to Founder and CEO  Khajak Keledjian: It’s all in the “mix.” Intermix prides itself on offering a highly “edited” selection  from each designer collection and artfully mixing those edited pieces resulting in a look that is cohesive, unique and individual for the Intermix customer. 

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new digs in Brentwood and it’s a charming space filled with  clothing selections that will not only inspire your inner stylist but educate any fashionesta on how to mix numerous designer pieces for a look that is fashion forward and fabulous. Mr. Keledjian has the perfect formula for success…It really is all in the mix…Intermix

All photos by mawah..T Golden

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