May 18, 2015

Fashion Fix-a tale of 2 movies

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I’ve been busy in rehearsal for a new musical soooo my free time has been pretty much cut down to nillsville. It’s a fabulous project and one that I am so blessed to be a part of but let’s face it no matter how busy one gets a girl (or at least this girl) has GOT to have a moment or two for fashion. Finding myself with just that-an hour or two of downtime last week I decided to treat myself to the documentary “Dior and I” and Iris ( documentary on Iris Apfel-the 93 year old and going strong fashion icon).

“Dior and I” chronicles the journey of Designer Raf Simons announcement as Creative Director for the House of Dior to the final runway of his first couture collection. It is an intimate and in depth “behind the scenes” look at the entire design process from inspiration to final runway which in this case was completed in a mind boggling 8 weeks. If you love well-made clothing and can appreciate all the work that goes into Couture creations I can guarantee you two things: 1. your appreciation for the craftsmanship in Couture will be heightened to epic proportions and 2.) Good luck on shopping at Marshall’s, Target or any other department store ever again with any ounce of satisfaction as to construction or fabrication of garments-I guess the price is the only remaining saving grace). The film is beautifully shot and breathtaking to watch.



Movie number 2-was Iris. Another documentary about the fabulous Iris Apfel – (New York fashion icon) who is 93 years young and has numerous quotable moments and life lessons she imparts in this film. Roughly shot with a very up close and personnel view of her life, loves and of course her fashion. Suffice it to say this woman is a “one of a kind” fashion mentor and whip smart to boot. 


iris at home

Both are worth viewing but if you’re in a time crunch Dior and I was hands down one of my favorite fashion films of all time!

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