Sep 9, 2012

Jason Wu Spring 2013

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Allot has happened in the four years since Jason Wu  first gained national attention. Most of us became aware of this wonderful designer when he burst onto the fashion scene(literally overnight). ..Jason Wu was “THE DESIGNER” chosen to create a gown for First Lady Michelle Obama. I am sure you remember THAT gown-one shoulder, beautifully draped and with the most feminine  of detailing. Anywho-Fast forward to last weeks showing of Jason Wu’s Spring 2013 Collection. Mr. Wu has evolved and clearly feels comfortable pushing the envelope with a collection filled with lots and lots of leather, lace and more than a few looks sporting bare midriffs. I don’t know if the more revealing attire is something that our First Lady will be sporting but I will say Mr. Wu has definitely found his own point of view. 


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