Dec 12, 2019

Holiday Quick List….Dressed Up Denim…

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Dressed UP denim…The perfect mantra when it comes to anything made with denim for the holidays.It doesn’t matter what type of denim apparel you are sporting, be it a jean shirt, skirt or basic jeans…denim can be dressed up or down to your hearts content.

Denim is probably the MOST versatile wardrobe item we have and the trick to make it ultra festive during the holidays is in the pairing of your denim with a bit of panache! Dress up your denim – be it  in pairing with a beautiful skirt, festive top or adding the perfect pump or statement necklace.The options are endless.

When opting for wearing your denim jean- it’s best to wear it in a darker hue for two very good reasons:

A.  A darker jean  will  make  you appear taller when paired with the right heel height B. and a darker hue will  also help you appear  slimmer.  SO I ask you??? who doesn’t want to look taller and slimmer -especially when we’re indulging in holiday cheer.

Ramy Brook Top @ Nordstrom 295.00

I have compiled a number of denim looks that are perfect for the holidays and the good news is that oftentimes we already have similar looks already in our closet-the difference is just in pairing them up properly.

The Denim Shirt &&&&&

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Oct 28, 2014

Denim Daze….

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Denim will always be in style. Period, end of story. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around a Glamour Girl with a closet not containing some sort of denim. Now if you want a  few quick style tips when it comes to denim here you go:

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If you want to look slimmer and taller (and I ask you who doesn’t) go to the darkest shade of denim available. The latest denim on denim trend for fall 2014 works if and only if the denim duos you are sporting are of different textures and slightly different hues of blue. And, last but not least if you find a pair of jeans that look FABULOUS on you but you are questioning plopping down copious amounts of cash think of the price per wear on that pretty pair and you will be AMAZED at how affordable that expensive pair of jeans suddenly appears. 

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Apr 18, 2013

Jeans-Fit to be tried!

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7 for all Mankind Kimmie Straight Leg Jeans in Desert Night Wash

 Every Glamour Girl LOVES a great fitting pair of jeans but trying to FIND a pair that fits…IMPOSSIBLE!. Well…it’s a new day Glamour Girl, because I just received an email courtesy of Bloomingdale’s which has me pretty much jumping for joy. There before me was said email from my beloved Bloomingdale’s featuring a  FABULOUS chart of the top five best fitting jeans for each and every figure type. Talk about doing their homework. Bloomingdale’s had an entire page with pics included- showing all different body types in the same jeans and the features of each jean. So.o.o.o if you’re looking for a great pair of jeans and don’t want to spend your entire weekend in a dressing room trying on pair after pair to see what fits…here’s a little cheat sheet courtesy of Bloomies.

For the complete 411 on Jean and the perfect fit click onto:


AG Adriano Goldschmied Primo Rise Cigarette Jeans in Jetsetter Wash

Hudson Bootcut Jeans in Elm Wash

J. Brand Denim Leggings in Pitch Wash

Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Jeans in Fountain Wash

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