Jun 17, 2009

Bangle Quiz!

Posted By: Terri
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For the sake of buying trendy items at a fraction of the cost I present to you the Bangle Quiz.. See if you can spot the Bangle that costs $130.00 and which Bangle costs $5.80. Put your vote in the Reply section….

Don’t you just love a fashion challenge!

Results will be given on Friday!

***** See below *****

LOVE Bangle
LOVE Bangle
Do You Have Any Idea who I Am-Bangle

Do You Have Any Idea who I Am-Bangle

Bangle Quiz! Times Up! The Love bangle is available for $5.80. Yes a mere 5 Washington’s and some change from Forever 21. And the “Do You have any Idea who I Am,” Bangle originally retails for $130.00 and is on sale for $91.00 from Jessica Kagan. All I can say is for $5.80 how could you not L.O.V.E. the Love bangle.    

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