Mar 5, 2021

Time to Organize your SPARKLE

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Category: Closet Organization

Tick Tock…it’s time to get your sparkle in order because someday (fingers crossed -I am forever hopeful) we will be dressing up and going OUT again!

There are so many ways to store and display your sparkle, and I’ve sourced a bevy of ways to display your beautiful items.  I am a firm believer that if you don’t see something (within  the confines of your wardrobe and especially your jewelry) you  won’t be using it as often as you could or should. So take those lovely items  out of your dresser drawers and storage boxes and display away. ..Because as they say “A little bling goes with everything.”

Table Top Display Using various shapes of Lucite blocks…

Glass enclosed cases

“Dish” display-using beautiful dishes in drawers to keep items organized

Velour Jewelry Trays & Forms (Available at Craft and Fabric Stores) Michael’s/JoAnne Fabrics and Online

Fabric Lined Jewelry trays

Glass Candy Dishes/Lucite forms and Mirrored Trays make for a beautiful display.

Antique Silver Jewelry Box Pottery Barn On Sale ($79.00 Now $46.99) Click on image to go directly to product

Velvet Jewelry Boxes (Set of 4/$23.99)

Stella Jewelry Box (Pottery Barn$149-$249.)

PK Display on Has a bevy of Lucite blocks/and fixtures

Velvet Bracelet Holder @ Hobby Lobby $29.99

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Jan 12, 2020

Get your Brooch ON!

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Category: Fashion

If you’re looking for some wonderful ways to wear all those beautiful pins and brooches (that are usually sitting dormant in your jewelry box or bedroom drawer ) I’ve sourced a number of stylish solutions below. Enjoy and remember to go forth and get your brooch on!







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Dec 22, 2019

Holiday Quick List #11-12 -Festive Finale

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The Holiday Quick List is “wrapping up” and I do mean that literally.

We’ve made it to the Holiday Quick List Finale, and might I just say that there is nothing that pulls a party look together better than with an outdoor wrap  with a bit of glamour. Consider completing your holiday outfit with a fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS item like a festive wrap,shawl, feathered boa or faux fur jacket.

Sissley Designs Faux Fur Wrap $58.00 (@

Adrienne Faux Wrap

Finally it goes without saying that this is the time of year when you can adopt the mantra in regards to jewelry that” More is MORE! Here are a few looks just to get you inspired.


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Nov 6, 2019

Storage Solutions for Jewelry Overflow

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Category: Closet Organization

How does that saying go???

Those who have glass boxes ….MUST have allot of jewelry to store! Well, that’s not exactly the saying but it serves our purposes today because we are talking about one of the number one storage problems a girl can have..tadadada…Jewelry overflow!

We  all  LOVE our jewelry because let’s be frank.. a girl can never -ever have too much SPARKLE in her life. That being said, storage of these intricate items can sometimes be hard to navigate without a few tangled items  and we  don’t need that happening – EVER..

Soooo what’s a Glamour Girl to do?

How about storing “jewelry overflow” in an assortment of decorative and beautiful glass boxes.  It’s the perfect solution for displaying jewelry and extra space  for storing your favorite items. The glass shadow boxes shown below are affordable and oh so pretty! Display them  anywhere in your home and let them do double duty as storage and  decor.

*Click on Image to go directly to site

Antiques Glass Boxes @ Pottery Barn Louve Glass Jewelry Display Cases

Beautiful Clear Glass Boxes ($50-85.00)


Glass Shadow Boxes (@West Elm $29-89)


Antique Glass Boxes @ Pottery Barn


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Oct 23, 2018

Jewelry Organization Tips and Tricks

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips

When one of your dearest friends on the planet tells you she has just dropped the contents of her jewelry box on the floor and is in need of some jewelry organization tips, one does not hesitate for even a nano second to oblige.

My friend Mary, is a major and I do mean MAJOR… Glamour Girl. She is a  classic beauty and surrounds herself with the most gorgeous pieces. (Read into that ….Mary has a very elevated taste level aka great taste)! When she mentioned that the jewelry box  had fallen on the floor I wanted to fly right out and bend down and pick up every bit of bling because when it comes to Mary, you just know every piece is Estate worthy and who doesn’t love an afternoon admiring some pretty substantial sparkly!

As time was of the essence, I wanted to respond and give Mary some easy  organizing tips that require a few simple steps:

There are basically two basic components of jewelry organization:

  1. Group like items together
  2. Make sure you can see EVERYTHING. (If you don’t see it you won’t use it or…. even remember you have it). i.e. Don’t even think of throwing everything in a drawer without any dividers because when it comes to jewelry we are talking major tangling and possibly damaging your beautiful bling (and that is so NOT happening on my watch).

If you have the drawer space I suggest:

A. Drawer organizers (available at The Container Store and Michael’s) 

B. If you lack drawer space opt for displaying your items in pretty trays and decorative  items on  top of your dresser. (see above photo)

C. If you have oodles of wall space, might I suggest a decorative hanging of your most beautiful items for easy access and major display options. 

P.S. Miss you Mary-Wish I was there to help organize your fabulous jewelry drawers.

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Dec 3, 2015

Tis the Season of Bling

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Category: Closet Organization

jewelry 3jewelry storage 2jewlery-storageIt’s the season of bling. If there’s any time of the year to bring out all the glitter and glam… this is it.  Now the only problem with said situation of wearing all your beautiful bling is FINDING all your beautiful bling. Because let’s be honest what Glamour Girl doesn’t have more than a bevy of beautiful sparkly pieces to wear at any given moment.  To that end I thought what better way to share ideas of how to store your most treasured  items then to share some sensational jewelry storage ideas

. jewelry stoage 4 jewelry storage

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Aug 11, 2014

Nine West and InStyle Collab #3…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion


Tessa Pointed Pump $89.00

In case you missed it….the peeps at Nine West and In Style Magazine have put their fashionable heads together for a third collaboration and it rolled out last weekend. The collection has shoes (natch-I mean this is Nine West we are talking about here) along with a bevy of jewelry (delicate necklaces and bracelets ) and some uber lovely clutches perfect for Fall 2014 and a major satchel that is classy, affordable and stylish. Who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe a fourth collaboration. These two seem to be on a major fashion roll. For a complete look at the collection: click onto:,default,sc.html?ep_tag=HPfeature1

Leather Satchel $229.00


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Aug 15, 2013

Summer Bling….

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Category: Fashion

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Aug 3, 2013

Jewelry Storage Solution…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips

You know how when you’re on Pinterest and  you come across a pin that you just have to share..this one did it for me. I thought this was such a great solution for storing your jewelry in a neat, organized and easy to manage way.

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Jul 23, 2013

Bauble Bar Bargain of the Day….

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Category: Uncategorized

I couldn’t help but share these fabu necklaces from Bauble Bar. So many colors and only…(wait for it) $36.00! Hello!

Get them at:


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