May 13, 2010

Robin Hood Working Overtime!

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The Cannes Film Festival opened today with the Premiere of Robin Hood. If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Robin Hood steal from the rich to give to the poor? If that was truly the case he would have had to be working overtime at his own premiere with all these beautiful gowns! Tally Ho…

Dame Helen Mirren (Can you even believe she is 64)? Fabulous!

Kate Beckinsdale

Eva Longoria Parker

Salma Hayek

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May 31, 2009

Baggage Claim!

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Category: Travel

The summer travel season is upon us and you know what that means…”.bad fashion in baggage claim.  Horror of fashion horrors it’s true. Just take a quick look around the terminal you’re sitting in waiting to board that plane and you will understand why it’s called terminal in the first place. The fashion upon boarding would make some people short of breath and near resuscitation. You know the look(s) I’m talking about-the people who want to be “comfortable” at any cost- those lovely passengers wearing what seems to be their pajama bottoms with holes in them, the man wearing the worn out stretch pants that he gardened in yesterday-grass stains and all, the garish array of oversized tops that could fit a family of four. Now I’m mot trying to be a fashion snob I’m just saying if the plane should go down do you really want to be identified wearing that!

So for all my fashionistas out there waiting to board here are a few simple suggestions:

·        A simple knit dress is comfortable, chic and easy to update with accessories.

·        A trench is the classic outwear. You can go dressy or casual and it keeps you warm if the plane has an overzealous AC system.  

·         A short jacket with matching cropped pants and heels is just plain fabulous.


Pack pieces that you can use more than once. The basic black pant goes with an assortment of tops -giving you more mileage.  Same goes for the little black dress-(dress it up or down with a change of accessories and heels.

Avoid checking in luggage, additional travel fees and  best of all waiting in baggage claim .

Pack Light! Pack Less!

Yeh..that’s the ticket!



Kate Beckinsale in a little black knit dress!

Kate Beckinsale in a little black knit dress!



Tyra Banks in Perfect Tracel Wear!

Tyra Banks in Perfect Travel Wear!

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