Dec 30, 2011

The Ultimate Glamour Girl of 2011

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There were so many Glamour Girl moments this year. In my humble opinion…no one lived up to the title better than Kate Middleton. As Kate embarked on her new duties as the Duchess of Cambridge she solidified her place in history as a Royal with grace,elegance and oodles of style. Never one to have a misstep when it comes to her fashion choices I think we can learn allot from this Glamour Girl going forward into the New Year.   

Let’s Review:  

Lesson #1. You don’t have to spend gobs of cash to look like a million bucks. Kate wore an Issa dress that retails for a little over $300.00 when she announced her engagement with Prince William. P.S. The dress sold out in under 24 hours after her appearance. The pink long dress is also an Issa creation.


Lesson #2. Embrace  the use of color.

Lesson #3- Apparel with clean lines will stand the test of time. 


Lesson #4- Evening wear needn’t be “over the top” for you to stand out. The most important aspect of any garment is that it should accentuate your most positive attributes. Notice how simple and elegant Kate’s choices are in all her apparel selections-especially when it comes to evening wear. She looks so comfortable yet stunning. Side note: Accessories are well appointed and at a minimum.

Lesson #5. Your best accessory is always a smile.


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Nov 12, 2011

A Leg Up on the latest Hoisery Debate….

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Lately there seems to be a rather big “to do” over pantyhose. The peeps at the Huffington Post recently reported that: Pantyhose is making a comeback. (P.S. Note to self-You KNOW that this is all due to the fact that Kate Middleton is wearing them.)

As is everything that concerns fashion I have some thoughts…

I really don’t know when the use of pantyhose went “out of style” but I for one have always embraced the thought of some sort of uniform leg coverage to make one look polished and pulled together.

Warm climates allow a Glamour Girl to use a good self tanner to keep legs looking great but once the temperature starts to dip (and in California-that means-slip below a balmy 70 degrees) one must think outside the box …or rather inside the package of pantyhose, fishnets, opaque’s or other type of hosiery as a means to look presentable and stay warm.  A good pair of  sheer pantyhose can give you a uniform-healthy looking skin tone and some much needed support. (Translation:There is nothing better than a pair of hosiery with a touch of spandex woven in to make you look slimmer, sleeker and smooth as can be). For all us who want to have a “leg up” on looking great…embrace your inner love for pantyhose. The hosiery peeps will thank you for your support and you in turn will be supported… It’s a  win -win situation for everyone. AMEN!  


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Apr 26, 2011

Countdown for Kate!

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Four days to go. The official countdown to the Royal Wedding is ON!

Kate will wear many hats when attending to her royal duties as Princess. I thought it might be nice to look back at some fashionable selections Kate has sported in the past.  Our hats are off to you Kate!  

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Apr 14, 2011

Sensational Shoe Sketches for Kate!

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Category: Fashion

Time is ticking away to the BIG DAY for Kate Middleton. Let’s face it, unless you  elope  or can afford  to have everything done for you  (including the decision making process on who, what and where…)weddings are  a celebration  and coordination of monumental proportions.

Imagine then if you will, that your wedding will be telecast to BILLIONS, and what you choose to wear on your special day will be scrutinized to the tenth degree-not to mention that it will probably end up on display in some museum for decades to come. No pressure. Right!

THE DRESS  that Kate will  select  for her wedding day has been the MAJOR fashion buzz for weeks on end. Yet, there is little mention of what shoes Kate will choose to wear as she walks down the aisle.  Every Glamour Girl, worth her salt knows that the shoe can really make or break the whole ensemble. Have no fear –Kate is being deluged with numerous offering from a bevy of beautiful designers. I don’t know how Kate will decide, but one thing is for certain: It’s got to be a very sketchy situaiton.

Sketch by Georgina Goodman


Sketch by Casadei


Sketch by Renee Caovilla


Sketch by Manolo Blahnik


Sketch byGiuseppe Zanoti
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Mar 11, 2011

Kate’s Conundrum….Which Dress and by Whom?

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Category: Fashion

Kate Middleton’s big day is fast approaching. The most anticipated question that people want the answer to is: Who or what will Kate Middleton be wearing on her wedding day? Word around the globe, in the papers and on the web  have dibbs on Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen… BUT a few days ago-a number of designer sketches surfaced. One thing is for certain. What ever or whomever Kate decides to wear-it will be BEAUTIFUL!

Sketch by Vera Wang


Sketch by Chanel


Sketch by Gucci


Sketch by Valentino


Sketch by Nina Ricci


Sketch by Elizabeth Emanuel

Sketch by Monique Lhuillier

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Mar 7, 2011

Designer of “THE” Day!

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THE designer of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, is none other than Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Sarah has agreed to undertake the task of making the most publicized wedding dress of the century…but no pressure !

McQueen Wedding Dress from the Spring /Summer 2011 Collection

photos courtesy of Telegraph…Fashion News
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