Jun 5, 2018

RIP Kate Spade

Posted By: Terri
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I was in my car leaving a meeting when a friend texted me  just two words today:

Kate Spade.

I texted back:

Kate Spade ?

The next texted shocked me to the core…


I could not believe what I was seeing. I quickly scrolled the news feed on my phone and read in disbelief that Kate Spade had taken her life earlier this morning in her Park Avenue apartment. Like many of you I am saddened to the core that we have lost such a lovely, effervescent, and amazing designer. Kate Spade,the person, the brand,the collections… were infused with whimsy and a major dose of happiness.  Earlier today Elizabeth Kiester ( a dear friend and former co worker described her to a perfection saying to Vogue.com:

” She was human champagne, bubbly and effervescent, making everything bright and sparkly and funny and fun.”


Image courtesy of Zest now.com

Image Courtesy of Etsy.com/ Dreamprintdesigns.

How sad  we all are to lose such a lovely and remarkable woman.

Our deepest sympathies to her family.

RIP Dearest Kate Spade

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