Nov 7, 2011

Monday’s Statement….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

 Bronze Braided Necklace $75.00

Every Glamour Girl loves to make a statement …. And if per chance that statement can be purchased at a very reasonable price and look like a million bucks …all the better.

Low and behold I came across a fantastic website that will fit the bill. Rich Rocks NYC, is the website filled with gorgeous statement necklaces, earring, bracelets and assorted sundry other items that you will adore! Celebrities are scooping up these gems like hotcakes and now you can too. 

Click onto: and BE-DAZZLED! 


Limited Edition Jetset Necklace $75.00 

Kathie Lee Gifford wearing Jetset Necklace on the TODAY show.

Jetset Multitoned Hammered  CIrcle Chain $75.00

 Oversized Faceted Smoky Stone Necklace $150.00

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