Aug 11, 2016

September Issue -Spoiler Alert

Posted By: Terri
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The September Issue is THE issue in fashion every year. Being chosen  to grace the cover of any September issue is major but THE VOGUE COVER is the absolute pinnacle. Now you may be wondering why do we even care? REALLLLLY? Of course we care because  quite frankly September is the month that ushers us into the most fashionable time of the year. September brings Fashion Week for starters followed by  the cooler temps of Autumn which then translates into layering and lots of clothing options and finally (tah dah dah dah) the holidays are upon us which brings out oodles of sparkle and glitter and gorgeous party attire….and just between us isn’t it alllll about the sparkle?!

So after my little fashion rant you probably want to just get to it and find out who is on THE SEPTEMBER COVER? Here she is “it girl” of the moment- Kendall Jenner. Flawless and picture perfect.  Congrats Kendall -you have entered the Fashion Hall of Fame.

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