Aug 28, 2012

Leather Rules….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion Fashion tips

Leather is going to be BIG…very big for Fall 2012. Here’s the scoop-didi-scoop when it comes to wearing this fabric.

1.  Purchase the best quality leather you can afford-with this fabrication it really does PAY to go luxe .

2. Quality leather should feel like BUTTER-soft, supple with great draping properties.

3. Leather MUST be lined. Why you ask-because if it isn’t it will stretch in the darndest places. Take for instance your backside from sitting down-the leather can and will stretch if not lined to accommodate your derriere while sitting. Upon standing you have instant bubble but-“so not pretty.”

4. Fit is always key in wearing any garment but especially leather. There is nothing worse than a leather item on your body with stretch lines. When in doubt buy the larger size and have it tailored to fit.

5. Purchasing a leather item with classic lines. It will extend the life of your garment’s wear-ability.

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