Aug 30, 2009

The 80’s called and said that your leggings are BACK!

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Tory Burch Leggings

Tory Burch Leggings

Diane Von Furstenberg
Diane Von Furstenberg
Versace Leggings

Did you hear that ringing? No it wasn’t the phone, nor the doorbell but the grand fashion trend alert that the 80’s were making a comeback with leggings. .  It seems that every designer except for maybe Oscar de la Renta  and  Carolina Herrera, have put these skin tight creations into their collections for Fall 2009.

Now the  newest way to wear leggings  is underneath a skirt or dress, (kind of like when your 5 years old and your mom put 7 layers on you to walk 3 blocks to school in the depths of winter)- I think they were called stretch pants in their heyday..

 With the return of the legging comes a mirror and brutal honesty.  Let’s face it leggings have been on the back burner for quite sometime now-and this was mainly due to the fact that most, and I do mean most women can’t carry off skin tight leggings without a little help from Spanx, or  an oversized top. ( Unless of course you are currently making a living as a Victoria’s Secret Model and probably not reading my blog anyway because you are too busy eating bon bons and telling everyone how you can’t seem to gain a pound).

If you do decide to go forward with this whole legging comeback craze remember FOUR important rules:

1.      Make sure you buy the right size leggings to start.

2.   Remember that Stretch as in Spandex should not be taken to it’s maximum limit.

3.    Never ever believe the label if it says “one size fits all.” This is just a cheap marketing ploy started somewhere in China where ALL the women are tiny.

4.     If there is an orange cone anywhere behind you abort legging  look immediately.

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