Feb 24, 2017

The Great Hoisery Debate

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There seems to be a MAJOR discussion as of late concerning (wait for it) hosiery, stockings-whatever name you wish to refer to the aforementioned.  Not only is the topic of wearing nude hosiery a touchy subject on the web between Uber Stylist Rachel Zoe (being in favor of wearing nude hosiery siting Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton as: “A fashion icon that can do no wrong.” and who P.S.  is the entire reason this subject is being debated in the first place due to Kate’s penchant for donning nude hosiery “often” (and by often we mean ALL THE TIME).

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On the other side of the debate is Project Runway’s Tim Gun. When InStyle.com inquired his stance on the topic of wearing nude hosiery he replied: “I think there are few things that look as anachronistic as a sheer stocking“.  ( Soooooo-clearly not a fan) . Bearing in mind that these are two very high profile style savants in the  fashion industry one is compelled to get a third point of view from the general public-or in this case my girlfriends at the gym.

This very group of workout buddies are what the rest of the country would consider to be in very good shape-not for nothing we DO reside in  LA  and it  kind of comes with the territory-instead of the daily bagel and smear you have the daily workout .  As we ventured into a deep discussion about this topic we all seemed to gravitate toward wearing hosiery unless one is opting for a long sundress, below the knee skirt or were blessed with legs rivaling Cindy Crawford’s. Now to be fair we are all over 40 and even though we are all what would be considered FIT there is a certain age that your skin tone and legs just look a whole lot better with a little coverage and by coverage we mean stockings. Sheer stockings not only  give you a smoother silhouette but it gives your skin tone a uniform boost not to mention it can really have less wear and tear on your shoes insoles. One major addendum to this stocking solution would be when the hot Summer temps soar and there is no way you are going to wear anything on your legs except some self tanner. In this situation I beg you- for the love of your backside please have a hemline that covers whatever irregularities that may show up. Translation-watch the hem length and make sure you check the rear view mirror before venturing out.

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