Nov 15, 2009

Project Runway Finale…..finally!!!

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Project Runway will finally wrap up the long awaited Season 6 this Thursday November 19. I don’t know about you but I thought the season dragged on longer  than a pair of broken heeled stilettos.walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars.

 Season 6 was moved to Los Angeles from New York. (If anyone is asking-bad move, very bad move! (I suggest you load a U-Haul with the Project Runway Set and floor-it until you see the Parsons School of Design back in NYC). The show seemed to lack the New York energy and vibe. The “addition” of celebrities to replace judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors should have been nixed with the exception of Kerry Washington and Christina Agularia. Kerry and Christina were terrific with intelligent comments on the designs and suggestions for the designers. BUT Cindy Crawford seemed to hit the snooze alarm and appeared almost as a still life with nothing even remotely intelligent to add or offer. Thank goodness for our ever dependable Tim Gunn and lovable Heidi Klum (a model with a personality) to try to keep things moving…

SO here we are at the finale-Fashion Week at Bryant Park (which P.S. was now 3 seasons ago). No surprise that the final three are contestants Althea (very talented), “Mean Irina” (a girl with an attitude big enough to fill Bryant Park) and my personal favorite Carol Hannah. (she is a self taught designer with the tenacity, talent and professional  demeanor to make it in the design world! It’s been a stretch to reach the final episode but after all is said and done our Heidi will bid us “Alvederzane” until Season 7…we can only hope in moving the show back to New York-they can “Make it Work!”

Project Runway Final Three. Photo courtesy of
Project Runway Final Three.-Althea,Irina, and Carol Hannah! Photos courtesy of
The ever thought-provoking Tim Gunn!

The ever thought-provoking Tim Gunn!

Sketch by Carol Hannah-my fingers are crossed for her to win!

Sketch by Carol Hannah-my fingers are crossed for her to win!

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