Aug 11, 2010

The New & Very Improved Talbot’s!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

I almost fell out of my chair last night. There I was paging through my brand new  Bazaar September Fashion issue and BAM-a beautiful full length picture of Linda Evangelista wearing a Leopard print coat with elbow length leather gloves in Carmel. GORGEOUS!!!! I look down to see who Miss (I won’t get out of bed for under $10,000.00 dollars) Evangelista is wearing thinking it’s going to be D&G, or perhaps Kate Spade and low and behold the ad reads…Available at TALBOT’S!!!!  Am I reading this correctly? I put on my 1.0 readers to make sure my vision hasn’t suddenly dimmed and no, I am reading this right. Well, being a Glamour Girl that never rests-I get on my laptop and do a bit of research only to find out that Talbot’s has undergone a metamorphis…translation-they have finally decided to” get with the program” and offer some bonified fashion to their customer. Chello!!! It’s about time. I then investigate a bit further and find a look book via the net showing faux fur collars, leather jackets, amazing jewelry, wool capes, etc.etc.etc…you get the picture FASHION and affordable! So Glamour Girls. Let’s review… first it was J. Crew, then Banana Republic, followed by Ann Taylor and now Talbot’s! Show of hands. Who do you think will be next to re-invent their image…any bets on Dress Barn? One can only hope!

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