Dec 4, 2010

How to Save Your Sole(s)!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

During the holiday season the weekends seem to go into hyper mode with all the additional shopping, baking, decorating, car pooling and partying.  What’s a Glamour Girl to do when she MUST dress for speed, comfort and efficiency without forsaking fashion???? Simple: Loaf around. Yes, you heard me right- it’s all about loafing or more specifically THE LOAFER.  A perfect pair of comfortable, fun and fashionable loafers will have you zipping through the mall faster than the Hilton sisters on speed..(Not that our dear Paris would EVER think of doing drugs…but back on point). There are so many fashionable loafers to choose from, in so many textures, styles and price points you are sure to find a pair or pairs that will look Fabu on you!

The perfect loafer will not only be lovely to look at and wear but they  will protect your feet for all your high heel wearing  days ahead. The Loafer can single handedly “Save your Sole(s)! l I say  AMEN to that!   


Brian Atwood Loafer $350.00 @ Saks FIfth Avenue

Tory Burch Loafer $195.00 @

Dana Davis "Heather in Pink was $275.00 now $98.00 @ Simply

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