Aug 6, 2021

Friday Style Quote(s) and an UP-date…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Monday Mantra

Happy Friday and my sincere apologies for being MIA for longer than I had ever hoped. Where have I been ?  I can sum it up in two words (and I know if you’ve been in a similar situation nothing more needs to be said), JURY DUTY. Yes, I was doing my civil service and taking part of being a juror in the lovely LA Courts.  I know that serving on a Jury does not mean you have to show up looking like you’re walking the Red Carpet (even if this is LA) BUT…  I am here to say that if you are being observed in public no matter what it’s for… perhaps it time to put a comb through your hair and wear something presentable. I KNOW we’ve been locked down during the Pandemic but update: Loungewear is NOT streetwear. Capiche?!


As I observed  how individuals were choosing to present  themselves in public as of late, I am here to say that in my very humble opinion: I think there are certain individuals that could use a “gentle reminder” and a serious upgrade ! Embrace the idea of  making a little bit of effort to look presentable.

Bearing in mind that we are opening back up (slowly but surely )I am here to tell you that the opportunity to wear something that makes you look good -will  always heighten your sense of self esteem.

Here’s to upping your “style” ante and putting yourself back out into the world feeling and looking your best!

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