Oct 26, 2011

Mad Fashion…Program Note…

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 I LOVE Chris March. From the moment he appeared on Project Runway with all his interesting fashion designs (outfits made from human hair)  his exuberance, (Tim Gunn term) and that laugh… 

In case you missed the latest on Chris March-Bravo TV finally gave him his own show called: Chris March Mad Fashion.This man brings the fashion credo of “Over the Top” to a whole new dimension. Last nights episode showed Chris and Company, having to design life size Barbie dresses for the Simmons Sisters. Seems the sisters  (Angela and Vanessa  …daughters of hip hop artist Reverend  Run of Run DMC(which clearly qualifies one to be a fashion designer in their own right.Right?) have commissioned Chris to design  life size Barbie creations for an event that they will be attending since they too design a line of Barbie clothes  entitled”So In Style Barbie.” Chris & Company  produced not one but two fabulous looks and I only wish that the pictures would do them justice. These dresses were” “To Die For” and so Barbie worthy. Let’s face it – every Glamour Girl   wanted to be Barbie when she was young and all men want to marry a girl that looks like Barbie…In the words of Tim Gunn…”Carry on”…We love you Chris March and all your crazy  mad fashion creations.!!!!

 Watch Mad Fashion on Bravo Tuesday Nights..check your local listing – you won’t be disappointed! 

Every "Barbie Inspired Outfit" should have a crown!

THAT is one fabulous Bustier!

This dress was to DIE FOR!

"Over the Top Tulle"-Only Chris March could do! FABU!

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