Oct 17, 2010

Mad Men Finale….

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The season finale of Mad Men is tonight. I must confess dear Glamour Girls that I hedge on being a bit obsessed with the series. It’s kind of like my husbands obsession with “anything tennis” times 10.  I am (as they say) a bit “mad” for Mad Men. I L.O.V.E. Mad Men and I ask: How couldn’t one be? When you stop and think about the show it has every component necessary for a true Glamour Girl obsession.

The first component that you simply can’t ignore is dashing leading man Don Draper. Draper played by Jon Hamm is the personification of Hollywood’s Leading Men hearkening back to the Golden Age of Cinema. (Think Clark Gable-but better and without bad breath-Clark Gable had false teeth and notorious mouth odor. But I digress).  Breathtakingly handsome, tortured and troubled, yet interesting and  intelligent, Don Draper deals with dilemmas “head on” without a wrinkle in his perfectly pressed suits. Mathew Weiner (Creator and Executive Producer) weaves a tale with more twists and turns in the storyline than an Elvis performance of “All Shook Up.”  

Finally- there is the costume design created by Janie Bryant. The clothing is almost a story line unto itself, bringing to life characters that we understand a bit better by what and how they wear their clothing. Think about it. Would Joan really be sexy Joan sashshaing around the office if she was dressed in a circle skirt and puffy sleeves instead of the tighter than spandex pencil skirts and pointy bras? Perfectly put together and neatly intact the clothing only emphasis how “messy” the lives of the characters truly are underneath it all.  With the finale of season four upon us, we will be left waiting in anticipation for answers to our questions: What will happen to Sterling, Cooper, Draper Price, …Joan and her marriage,Betty and Peggy and the rest of the characters. Before we hit our “OFF” button on the remote, I anticipate that Glamour Girls everywhere will be left wondering the most important question of all…

What was she (insert character and outfit here) wearing???

 Because let’s face it, no matter how handsome a leading man, story line, setting or season, our Finale moment of Glamour Girl Recall shall involve something concerning clothing.

It’s always about the clothing…isn’t it!


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