Nov 14, 2019

Magical Moment

Posted By: Terri
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This is not my usual post where I share some ditty about fashion, style, decor or a motivational or timely tip. Toda,y I feel compelled to  discuss something we all need to do ASAP..for our own happiness and overall well being. It goes without saying that I am motivated to share the following observation…

Is it Christmas already? It seems as if the Xmas Season is in FULL swing and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving. Call me crazy,but have YOU noticed a  large number of Pre-Black Friday Sales ?  In addition,I’ve also been aware of  Christmas music being played everywhere! Yes, I’ve heard Silent night at the Grocery store already, not to mention Christmas carols being piped in at every store in the Mall. May I gently remind everyone that we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.  Please don’t get me wrong-I’m not the Grinch BUT can’t’t we at least give Thanksgiving it’s due. What’s the hurry? What’s the rush?

In my humble opinion, I think we all need to take a collective breath and SLOW down. We are moving at warp speed to get everything done and we’re forgetting to take a moment  and enjoy where we are now.

So for today…let’s take a moment or even two and just BE. Stop…look around… breath and be thankful for the moment. AND P.S. Thanksgiving is two weeks from today. Have a beautiful Day!

Today’s Sunrise in LA…..Beautiful.

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