Jan 8, 2010

Closet Caper!

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A.h.h.h.h you’re Closet.  The one place in your home to store all the things that you love to wear.  Now there are some of us, that a closet isn’t “just a closet” but rather an entire wing of a house aka Mariah Carey’s “Shoe Wing.” (Pictured below- you could house a family of 5 in there but I digress)….

A closet can speak volumes about you.   Is your style trendy, conservative, boho chic?  Do you.have a penchant for purses, or a small growing addiction to 5 inch heels. Are you designer label, vintage shopper, thrift store savant or project runway hopeful?Can you find what you need at a moment’s notice or is it like weeding through the” jungle of blouses” reminiscent of a Filenes’s Basement Clearance sale.

So why am I going on and on about your closet? Well dear glamour girl it’s because it’s already the 7thday of the year and I think it is high time that we took down all the holiday décor and stored them neatly away.  While were at it why not think of CLEANING OUT “YOUR CLOSET.”

I’m just here to give you a teensy weensy little nudge to rid yourself of that skirt you haven’t worn since 1997, and perhaps reconsider holding onto that Disco blouse from the 80’s to make way for some new and wonderful items.. As an added bonus I am breaking it down for you and thought by posting these closet clips you might be inspired…

Closet Clean Up! (An Easy Step by Step Plan)

1. Sort all your clothes into 3 piles. Keep/Repair/ Recycle.

*Recycle-means “letting go” and donating these items  to charity.

2. Edit your closet! Try on everything and see if  it still looks fabulous. It sometimes helps to enlist a friend that you trust to help in giving a second opinion.

3. Get all items repaired that need to be.

4. Use all one type of hanger.  The new velour thin hangers are great.    Don’t even think of using wire hangers or I will send a tape of Joan Crawford saying: “No more wire hangers” to your voicemail. (and that won’t be pretty)…

5. Fold your sweaters, and if you’re short on room your t-shirts and workout wear….

6.  Keep all your clothes in line, going in the same direction with a small space between hangers.

7. Make sure everything in your closet is clean, pressed and ready to go -so you will be too!

***In most cases this is a weekend project… so give yourself enough time….

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

Paris Hilton’s Closet
Eva Longoria’s Closet (Image courtesy of InStyle)

Mariah's Shoe Closet (photo courtesy of InStyle)

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