Jun 24, 2009

Los Angeles Dress Code? An Oxymoron

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion
I live in LA where the term casual is truly a way of life. Executives go to work in jeans and t-shirts. Women run around in yoga attire half the day and the term “dressy casual” pretty much translates into: “wear your favorite jeans but make sure that your top is a little better fabrication than a t-shirt unless said t-shirt is a major name dropping designer and it cost you what most house payments are in the Midwest.”
So imagine my surprise last night when I was attending a function and the term ‘dress code’ was strictly enforced. There I was in my pumps and polka dots-(very strappy, very fitted, and very vintage looking dress that is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw with a feather flower to match-LOVE IT! – one of my faves)…but I digress so I am standing in line waiting to get into said fabulous function and in front of me are three lovely women dressed in pants with sparkly assorted tops, shawls and wraps. Well let me tell you the fashion police were out in full force because said women in pants were not being allowed into the event because they were wearing pants and not a matching jacket. Are you kidding? Honestly-these women looked stunning and very feminine but no matchy matchy jacket for them -so out on their ear they went… Now to be clear I am glad to see some kind of a dress code enforced in the greater Los Angeles Area-I mean if it isn’t casual around here, most times it isn’t even covered. We are talking women walking around with major spillage in the upper torso area. Dare I say then-no matching jackets on women and they are ousted? Pleaz.z.z.z.z! I think it gets to a point that you want your attendees to be dressed up a tad but this wasn’t a black tie event and their outfits were perfectly put together. So for those women that were ousted I give you someone to emulate when and if you ever go back to this establishment. Just think Matchy, Matchy jacket and pant or say the “heck with it” and put on a cocktail dress… 
Matchy-Matchy on Jenny McCarthy
Matchy-Matchy on Jenny McCarthy
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