Nov 26, 2018

Cyber Monday Memo

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Today is not just any Monday… but Cyber Monday. In the past, I would post a list of all the sales going on via the web BUT that seems to be a bit redundant now that EVERYONE is having a sale via the web. Now to keep things really interesting, Cyber Monday doesn’t actually start on Monday but instead, we are jump starting the whole shebang on Sunday-anytime between noon and 6. Isn’t this whole Cyber thing suppose to make holiday shopping more streamlined and efficient. Instead-we RUSH to our computers, or iPads or iPhones (or whatever technology you are using) to scroll endlessly for the best buys and super sales and discounts that we can find.  It got me to thinking, that we are seemingly always in a hurry. A BIG hurry to get our Christmas shopping done…but at what cost?

We opt out of enjoying some major downtime with family and friends to get the deals on Black Friday that usually start on  Thanksgiving Eve. We are taking less time to actually LIVE our  lives and enjoy the company of those we love  in search of  finding something we think we or someone we love…supposedly needs or wants.

What do we REALLY need or more importantly what do we really all want?

My answer (and probably yours too): We need and want more love, more friendship,more compassion, more kindness and more moments to stop and enjoy the life we’ve been given.

I hope this holiday season brings you many moments of joy. True, simple JOY. Take time to do something that costs nothing, call a friend, spend quality time with a family member (young or old that you haven’t connected with for awhile),make a cup of cocoa,or watch a favorite Christmas movie sans your phone screen. Take time to remember what this Christmas season is really about…making memories filled with Love that will last longer than any item you thought you needed  or wanted and bought on sale.

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