May 18, 2011

Save me a Seat.

Posted By: Terri
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Don’t you just hate it when you find something on the web and before you can click the BUY Button, said item is …SOLD OUT! Whah.h.h.h.t happened! It was there just a minute ago. Is the internet toying with me???

I know that every Glamour Girl has experienced this shopping scenario.  The perfect purchase plucked out from underneath us…only to leave us wishing and wanting for the RESTOCK button to appear in a day or two.

This was the case when I found these FABU chairs on the Mondani website. They would have been the perfect addition to the Glamour Girl office. What’s more… they were on SALE!!! Ta-dah-dah-dah!! I thought it was a favor from the fashion God’s! But, it was not to be. The chairs were sold out faster than I could say “send it!”

The Glamour Girl lesson for today was: When shopping online: Never Sit on a Sale item. Push the purchase button and hit send before the item is sold out!

Better luck next time….



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