May 12, 2017

One Fabu Float

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

I couldn’t help myself! Mother’s Day is exactly 2 count um 2 days away and everyone is scrambling to get Mom something special.You KNOW the usual suspects: flowers (the eternal standby) perfume, clothing or God for bid something for the house-I beg you PLEASE DO NOT… I repeat DON”T EVEN THINK of giving her something …practical  aka something to beautify, clean or adorn the house. Mother’s day should be the one day of the year completely about her!

So I got to thinking. What would be something fun and festive and a tad off the beaten path of the same old same old stand by Mother’s Day Gift? As I was scouring numerous sites low and behold I came across THIS!!!!!

lip pool float 98 now 6860 neiman marcus

Funboy Lips Pool Float Neiman Marcus $98.00/Sale: $68.60

It’s perfect. Think of it…Mom relaxing by the pool  sipping her favorite drink while being nestled in this fun and might I say fashionable floatation device. It checks all the boxes Mom needs to pamper herself in the sweet Summer days ahead. Happy Mother’s Day! *Click on picture to be directly to site.

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