Nov 4, 2011

Tom Ford Nails It…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

In case you missed it..Tom Ford has a whole new line of cosmetics hitting the stores.(Well not all stores-you certainly won’t find any of Master Tom’s items at Target or even Macy’s for that matter) Think Neiman Marcus and  Bergdorf Goodman.The line is gorgeous like everything  else that Tom Ford creates. If you find yourself longing to purchase something with the Tom Ford label but can’t quite cough up a mere grand or two for a TF Jacket- then why not start small…buy yourself a bit of happy with a lovely bottle of Tom Ford Nail Lalquer. The price  $30.00….a bottle. I know’s steep for a bottle of nail polish (TF calls it nail laquer-sounds more Chic?!?) Think of it this way…the holidays are coming up and you have been  a VERY GOOD GLAMOUR GIRLTHIS YEAR!

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