Apr 29, 2021

Are you Pedi Ready?

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My lovely and perfectly put together friend Mary, called today and inquired about what shade of nail color is going to be stylish for Spring/ Summer? Don‘t you just love a friend that asks you a fashion question? In our group Mary, is “the smart one” hence she  always asks the perfect questions. That being said, although I am not an authority on all things  to do with nail polish and pedicures,  I do have a penchant for keeping up on all the latest style news. Here is my 411 on pedicures and nail colors for the upcoming warmer months: I’ve linked color to website when available otherwise you can find most brands in a bevy of department, beauty and drug stores.

*Style Tip: My Style Solution  when it comes to pedicures and color choice: If you’re toes are NOT your favorite feature then choose a neutral and/ or lighter shade. Think soft white/toned down tan or a pale pink, blue or violet.

If you have pretty feet than by all means go as bright or bold as you like. Bight Pink, red, coral, blue or even polish with some sparkle.

Biggest trend for the Spring Summer Season WHITE!


White-is going to be BIG this Spring and Summer.  White is so right and gives you a clean slate to pair with just about anything you wear. Here are two that I highly recommend:

Nailsinc.com $10.00

White @KBSHimmer  $10.00

Light Pink

OPI Movie Buff (pale Pink)$11.00

Wet n Wild (Nude) $4.00


Salle Hansen Miracle el (Muted Seafoam) $7.00

Chanel (Melody)  $28.00

Sally Hanson Extreme Wear  in Iris Illusion $3.00

Pear Nova Night Fades Morning Haze $13.50 Click on Image

Mischo Beauty (Diana) $17.00 @ Macy’s Click on Image

Zoya -Ella Creamy Coral $10.00 Click on Image



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Nov 2, 2016

Tuesday’s Tip

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Tuesday’s tip…”Nailed it!


Image courtesy of 100 Lifehacks.com via Pinterest


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Nov 25, 2014

Nailed It!

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plaid nailpolish

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Apr 3, 2012

Nail Blue-Who Knew!

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Category: Fashion

The color blue is big-VERY BIG when it comes to the perfect shade of nail color this season. There are numerous hues of blue available  to try: bright blue, subtle blue, Tiffany blue, neon blue..you get the picture, there’s a bevy of blues for you.

Who Knew…that blue would be so big. Why not try a shade today. 

Shades of blue from Essie  

 A bevy of blue from Chanel

Shades of Blue Nail color are available at every price point.

Be it high or low-Blue nails are the way to go for Spring 2012!

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