Oct 10, 2018

National Handbag Day-Yeh!

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I had no idea this was a thing- but today is National Handbag Day! Who Knew?! Now you and I both do.

There’s something about the perfect handbag that can really make an outfit and lift your mood. Handbags come in a bevy of beautiful colors, styles and shapes and if you’re anything like me you have more than a few selections in your closet.

As an added bonus, I’ve attached a handbag “glossary” aka fashion vocabulary (courtesy of enerie.com) should you desire a refresher on handbag styles by name.

Handbags are a  closet staple and one that will last for years given the proper care,upkeep and most of all “handling.” Here are a few handbag images to keep you inspired….

The Bucket Bag

Image courtesy of Gucci.com

Happy National Handbag day.

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

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Oct 9, 2014

National Handbag Day

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Image Source Purseblog.com

I don’t know how I let this slip by me but today is the SECOND National Handbag Day. The first NHD was October 7, 2013..I must have missed the memo. Seems that the peeps at Purseblog.com and Bloomingdale’s have partnered and are now declaring holidays of the most fashionable kind. Hence we have ladies and gentlemen National Handbag Day. Now one would assume that there would be oodles of handbags on sale to coincide with this most auspicious of occasions but I’m not finding anything of the sort. I guess we just need to be reminded  that an outfit is only as complete as a fashionable handbag and if that means deeming a national holiday- then so be it. Happy National Handbag Day.

Michael Kors Quilted Bucket Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody with Metal Studs

 Bottom three images courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.com



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