Jul 27, 2009

It’s Better to Buy Blue-than to Be Blue!

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Everybody knows that a little “pop” of color can really brighten one’s mood. But I must ask, are all the fashion designers on PROZAK? Every collection for the upcoming Fall season has color and lots of it! We are not talking a simple baby blue, or pretty pink or mellow yellow. NO! We are looking at Neon Pink, Bright Blue, and a Yellow that can literally yell:”Hell.o.o.o.o!  

I know we are all trying to get through this little glitch-aka recession, and maybe, just maybe wearing a little more color will actually lift your spirits. Look at it this way: It’s better to “wear blue” than to “be blue.”

Go buy yourself some happy!

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Marc Jacobs-BlueCape
Marc Jacobs
Versace Trench
Versace Trench
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