Jan 19, 2012

A “Fresh” Start….

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O.K. Glamour Girl…Listen Up!  I’ve got a Scoop-Didi-Scoop for you…

I have a “friend” who works the Fresh counter at Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale. He spilled the goods on the latest product from Fresh rolling out this weekend  ONLY at the Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale.

Here’s a little hint: Is your skin feeling a little dull and drab? Have the holidays taken a toll and you find yourself in need of a little toning-and we’re not just talking arm curls. Well here it is…Tah-dah-dah-dah!!!!

Fresh is introducing a brand new toner called Creme Ancienne Infusion Toner. It retails for ($90.00 for 4 ounces) and it’s so top secret that there’s not one image to be found on the Fresh or Neiman websites. Word on the street and at the cosmetic counter is…This toner not only does the job lickety split but it smells AMAZING and feels great.

 The best news of all for you beautiful Glamour Girls in the Scottsdale’/Phoenix zip code is that on the very same weekend that they’re introducing this tantalizing toner there’s going to be a fabulous “Beauty” weekend packed with skin care trails. Yes. You can cavort at the Neimans cosmetic counter, eat some lite bites and sample a bevy of products all designed to make you look good and give you a FRESH start.  

Here are a few other Fresh products I urge you to try.

**For the Best service ask for Stephen Slomowitz at the Fresh Counter


Sugar Lip Polish $22.50 

Black Tea Serum Age Delay $80.00

Seaberry Restorative Body Cream $28.50

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